Year in Review 2017

In the past I have done a review of my year in photos and 2016 was the first time a long while I had not done my review. In 2016 we lost my longtime family friend Kurby on December 1, 2016 and it destroyed me. My buddy had been in my life for so many challenging years while I was working on building my career. He was there through good and bad and when Denise came in to my life Kurby had his reservations but in the end he was ok with it :-)


I shut myself down for the last month of 2016 but I knew my buddy would have wanted me to have the best 2017 I could and I have to say it really was a good year. The year wasn’t great because lots of money was made or huge accolades but it was good because we had good health, positive attitudes and focused on being creative and helping spread creativity. I had an opportunity to work with a great group of people at Balanced Media in which our goals were larger than just making games. I then shifted myself to teaching and spent the last half of the year teaching at The Guildhall. I had a few moments in the year that made me reflect on a larger picture of life and make the most of opportunities. I finally filmed a short film and I am in the process of editing it with the hopes of it being done by May of 2018. I had a chance to spend time with friends with continued movie nights and other creative projects. I started a VHS swap meet for Dallas folks and I hope to really do more with that in 2018.

The biggest event for Denise and I was our trip to Japan. This trip would be my biggest adventure for me personally and I was excited to feel being a place that I had no ties to and how I would react to that feeling. This was a big step for me and I love every minute of it. I will remember all the memories Denise and I had while there and when things get tough I will always think of those times to help me recenter and focus.

It was still a busy year for me and most of my free time was spent either working or working towards finishing my degree. When I was able to take photos this year they were often for the Alamo Drafthouse and I enjoyed doing that work. It was a challenge not knowing what many events would be like but mostly because I wanted to capture the moment that makes the Alamo a great place for movies and community.

I do not make resolutions but I do remind myself to continue to work to improve myself as a person and in my crafts. Here are some highlights from the year.






IT opening night Alamo DFW-28

Alamo Wonder Woman DFW (10 of 58) Alamo Wonder Woman DFW (41 of 58) Hope_Summers_Cosplay--33 Hope_Summers_Cosplay--10 robotboots_21980418_1431399436956553_5455682568521252864_n robotboots_21107475_458469074538690_744578317868335104_n robotboots_18948252_1683553045282112_4722939969339916288_n The Thing-Mondo QA (46 of 51)

写真 2017-05-10 18 11 33 写真 2017-05-10 18 06 44 (1) 写真 2017-05-10 18 56 44 Stan Lee at Alamo Drafthouse Cedars (157 of 570) Monster Squad Tour Alamo DFW-28 robotboots_18444222_1531021616950659_7373384989443883008_n robotboots_18300175_830052203819207_1303634200536023040_n robotboots_18580096_1941797699411044_2177484836376150016_n robotboots_18722258_1933686130183293_726492176225140736_n robotboots_18723741_313609882409361_5182727939342467072_n Guardians_Alamo_DFW (34 of 75) robotboots_22351771_1968306166771884_1632039193968377856_n robotboots_22344332_122025228481632_1368341065421029376_n robotboots_18444658_1861473294177989_4316229608908259328_n robotboots_18512339_206863709831097_1461248140110725120_n robotboots_18380636_202228273629561_2175538928428253184_n robotboots_18011826_452396455103188_596234549805973504_n robotboots_18380749_220521738439641_4009374489329532928_n (1) robotboots_18299269_625036987682163_3168756184417042432_n mosquito-feast_36658258272_o mosquito-feast_36828894195_o mosquito-feast_36432236920_o mosquito-feast_36432355660_o mosquito-feast_36688997421_o mosquito-feast_36828878565_o

robotboots_19985122_283498902119163_6600618659477979136_n robotboots_20346819_324478567964430_7872222772036894720_n Guardians_Alamo_DFW (75 of 75) robotboots_18950458_895376230603309_2493907244714819584_n Jan Nightbreed Jan Friday 13robotboots_23347796_2247221828837679_2567515794393006080_n


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