Year in Review 2017

In the past I have done a review of my year in photos and 2016 was the first time a long while I had not done my review. In 2016 we lost my longtime family friend Kurby on December 1, 2016 and it destroyed me. My buddy had been in my life for so many challenging years while I was working on building my career. He was there through good and bad and when Denise came in to my life Kurby had his reservations but in the end he was ok with it :-)


I shut myself down for the last month of 2016 but I knew my buddy would have wanted me to have the best 2017 I could and I have to say it really was a good year. The year wasn’t great because lots of money was made or huge accolades but it was good because we had good health, positive attitudes and focused on being creative and helping spread creativity. I had an opportunity to work with a great group of people at Balanced Media in which our goals were larger than just making games. I then shifted myself to teaching and spent the last half of the year teaching at The Guildhall. I had a few moments in the year that made me reflect on a larger picture of life and make the most of opportunities. I finally filmed a short film and I am in the process of editing it with the hopes of it being done by May of 2018. I had a chance to spend time with friends with continued movie nights and other creative projects. I started a VHS swap meet for Dallas folks and I hope to really do more with that in 2018.

The biggest event for Denise and I was our trip to Japan. This trip would be my biggest adventure for me personally and I was excited to feel being a place that I had no ties to and how I would react to that feeling. This was a big step for me and I love every minute of it. I will remember all the memories Denise and I had while there and when things get tough I will always think of those times to help me recenter and focus.

It was still a busy year for me and most of my free time was spent either working or working towards finishing my degree. When I was able to take photos this year they were often for the Alamo Drafthouse and I enjoyed doing that work. It was a challenge not knowing what many events would be like but mostly because I wanted to capture the moment that makes the Alamo a great place for movies and community.

I do not make resolutions but I do remind myself to continue to work to improve myself as a person and in my crafts. Here are some highlights from the year.






IT opening night Alamo DFW-28

Alamo Wonder Woman DFW (10 of 58) Alamo Wonder Woman DFW (41 of 58) Hope_Summers_Cosplay--33 Hope_Summers_Cosplay--10 robotboots_21980418_1431399436956553_5455682568521252864_n robotboots_21107475_458469074538690_744578317868335104_n robotboots_18948252_1683553045282112_4722939969339916288_n The Thing-Mondo QA (46 of 51)

写真 2017-05-10 18 11 33 写真 2017-05-10 18 06 44 (1) 写真 2017-05-10 18 56 44 Stan Lee at Alamo Drafthouse Cedars (157 of 570) Monster Squad Tour Alamo DFW-28 robotboots_18444222_1531021616950659_7373384989443883008_n robotboots_18300175_830052203819207_1303634200536023040_n robotboots_18580096_1941797699411044_2177484836376150016_n robotboots_18722258_1933686130183293_726492176225140736_n robotboots_18723741_313609882409361_5182727939342467072_n Guardians_Alamo_DFW (34 of 75) robotboots_22351771_1968306166771884_1632039193968377856_n robotboots_22344332_122025228481632_1368341065421029376_n robotboots_18444658_1861473294177989_4316229608908259328_n robotboots_18512339_206863709831097_1461248140110725120_n robotboots_18380636_202228273629561_2175538928428253184_n robotboots_18011826_452396455103188_596234549805973504_n robotboots_18380749_220521738439641_4009374489329532928_n (1) robotboots_18299269_625036987682163_3168756184417042432_n mosquito-feast_36658258272_o mosquito-feast_36828894195_o mosquito-feast_36432236920_o mosquito-feast_36432355660_o mosquito-feast_36688997421_o mosquito-feast_36828878565_o

robotboots_19985122_283498902119163_6600618659477979136_n robotboots_20346819_324478567964430_7872222772036894720_n Guardians_Alamo_DFW (75 of 75) robotboots_18950458_895376230603309_2493907244714819584_n Jan Nightbreed Jan Friday 13robotboots_23347796_2247221828837679_2567515794393006080_n


robotboots_23594940_185218942055494_6488893378854387712_n robotboots_24127064_1976166912706992_575252320305020928_n robotboots_26156575_135208543839516_862011665862885376_n robotboots_25036545_722870104565517_1555733452072943616_n robotboots_24253744_305682766601789_8996129423212150784_n robotboots_23498050_512102609166373_3232162606219264000_n


2015 in Photos

2015 was the year of staying busy, I was kept busy with work, teaching and working on earning my bachelor’s degree along with day to day life. Busy is good but I usually have my camera by my side but this year it just became a bit more of a challenge. I also spent a lot of time studying and working so having a camera by my side would mostly be images of my desk. It was a good year but if I could change anything it would have been to have seen more friends when I had the chance. Denise also had lots of changes with work and leveling up in her craft of the culinary arts.

Though I didn’t have my camera by my side, I did have my phone at all times so much of this year was documented via camera phone. This is probably going to be a more common thing but I will make an effort to explore DFW more in 2016. We have such a large and great area here and there is much to explore but it requires us to get up out of our seats and do it. This year showed me a lot about what is possible and I got to work on some great fun projects along the way. I hope to make time for the new projects and adventures in 2016. I hope to add you to the review of 2016



We did start the new year trying new food with friends. With Alex and Donna’s new kiddo on the way and little Zac growing up fast we had a chance to see our friends the Flores’ at a local Dallas burger dive. They would move later in the year to become locals to Richardson and we are happy to have them closer to us. Hope to see more of them in the new year!



In February we celebrate Josh’s birthday and on this night we got together to chow down and watch bad movies. On this night, we watched Deathbed: The Bed that Eats. It was as glorious as the name makes it sound.



We also had a visitor in February but I don’t necessarily mean this little guy, I mean the fleas that came with him. This guy was out in front of our house one afternoon which was odd during the day. He was picked up by animal control and released. A few days later we ended up with having fleas on all our guys inside so we had to deal with that for the first time as homeowners.


In March we got some serious weather and snow to come with it. Dallas doesn’t often get snow but when we do we get it all at once. Our snow fall was some of the most we’ve ever had in one night. It was our own little Hoth for two days.




Because of our constant changing weather in the area we ended up with the most rain on record for Texas in a very long time. We decided to invest in our garden with a rain barrel and a little plastic owl to help keep the birds out from the garden.



From December of last year I was working on a fun game called Evil Robot Traffic Jam. I was making various pieces of art and working on helping build the website. While working on that the Richardson public library, which is across the street for us, got a 3D printer for public use. It was great to have quick access to printing so I took some of the models I worked on and a few others to give the printer a test run. I hope to get my own soon






An upside of being a contract artist working from home is how I use my time. For lunch breaks instead of eating right at noon I would take bike rides around my area which is a good 12 mile or so ride. Last year after getting in my wreck on my bike and surgery I wanted to get back on the trail again. I had to take my bike back into the shop for repairs as it had some damage from the wreck but once she was up and running I was back to lunch time rides. I did that for as long as I could until I took a onsite freelance job.


Pics from my rides around Richardson




Many people are quick to judge Dallas for being a place that folks just carry guns and yell “yeehaw” shoot’n in the air. Well turns out we have lots of things including a great art culture that is getting bigger every year. ATAMA is one of those places awareness to many that we have lots to offer. They have various art shows and sell great art along with vinyl pieces. It is an inspiring place for artists of all types to visit and on this night Alex and I went to check out one of those art shows.





One of the many jobs I do over the year is teaching at SMU. I really enjoy teaching and the rewarding feeling I get from teaching students more than just the tools but the skills needed to be a person in a creative field. In an interview with Kathleen Kennedy, she noted that maybe the most important skill in the field of creativity is communication. I do my best to teach that working together and working to find solutions to difficult problems is how you can succeed in the industry. Talent and an eye for creativity rise up when communication and obstacles are cleared from the way of making art. On this day in May, we got to see our students show off their work after 16 weeks of making a Capture the Flag game.



With my freelance jobs, teaching and working on my degree, my trips to conventions was very limited this year. There is a great amount of local conventions but the one that really is my go-to is Texas Frightmare Weekend. Nothing new to those who read this blog every year but TFW is the midpoint of the year for me. I get to see friends, meet new people and get inspired by those around me. So many film nerds and this year was no exception. This year I had the opportunity to meet a few directors while at TFW. I thought as a way to continue to push me to do my short films at some point I asked these amazing women to sign my script to inspire me. It was such a great experience and I think this 10th anniversary of Texas Frightmare Weekend was one of my favorites.

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--43

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--177

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--168

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--170

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--59

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--80

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--173

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--123

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--164

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--7

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015--24



Our friend Emily this joined a Roller Derby league up in Denton which is pretty rad. I did learn a little about the sport a while back but with a friend tearing it up on the track it was awesome to see her kick some ass on the track. A group of us made it out to her first track appearance and she did not let anyone down as she really made a name for herself this evening.

NTDR Game Night May '15_-316

NTDR Game Night May '15_-189

NTDR Game Night May '15_-184

NTDR Game Night May '15_-238

NTDR Game Night May '15_-358

Things slowed down for a touch as the summer started and while I had plenty to do why not add a little more to my plate. Alex and I had been talking about starting a project here in Dallas. We needed a place to do it and people willing to join up. We teamed up with A Galaxy Called Dallas to start an artist Zine called Warp 11. It’s been a lot of fun and a good deal of work but in the end it’s totally worth it. We have had a great group of folks and it is always fun to sit and chat about pop culture and draw which I do not do enough of as it is currently. We are 8 issues in as the writing of this blog!






Things really started to pick up and I was headed out to the Silicon Valley to work with the CastAR group on getting some content built for them on a fast turn around. I was in California for a little over a week working on some great stuff with some great folks. The extra bonus part was the 30th anniversary of the Amiga event taking place the weekend I was there. I was about 10 years old when I got to play with a friend’s Amiga. This event was really inspiring and amazing as a culture like the Amiga clubs is not like anything we’ve seen in a long time. We may never see a period with technology like this again. Hearing all the stories from the developers was a once in a lifetime experience. Along with late nights watching horror movies and an entire season of American Horror Story with Rick made this job a lot of fun.












As soon as I returned from California I was on to my next freelance gig. This job was with local Dallas studio ReelFX and would be my toughest project since Star Wars Kinect. The project for the November release of Hunger Games. This project took most of my time for the rest of the year. I was lucky to work with such a talented team and be apart of such a huge marketing push for such a big movie image

August came and went quick but not without a stop from Kevin Smith. I have always enjoyed his films but I think I enjoy listening to his podcasts and thoughts on pop culture. He is also an inspiring person to listen to as much of what he talks about is very relatable both as a creative person and just a person living day to day. If you ever have an opportunity to hear him speak live I highly recommend it.




As October arrived I was able to get back to doing some things for myself. We had some great events going on in the area including Back to the Future Day and Garage passing through town on their 20th-anniversary tour. Seeing that I did not get a chance to attend my 20th high school reunion, seeing Garbage live was a nice makeup.







There was a new addition to the group this year. Alex and Donna gave everyone a new gang member, Anthony Flores. Welcome to the world little guy


After a busy end of the year it was nice to celebrate my 39th birthday with friends at our annual stay-cation far up north. Rick came down and we enjoyed movies, board games and nice weather staying by the lake. It was nice to keep the tradition up for the 6th year in a row. It is always a nice time to reflect on things and prepare to end out the year.



Austin Cline, an old former co-worker, got married and we had a little bit of a Terminal Reality reunion that evening. It was great seeing a chunk of the old team. After all this time everyone is doing well and still looking out for each other. It is these relationships that the game industry creates that is often not mentoined in articles about the business. It was a great wedding and a great time has had by all.




We ended the year by making a quick vacation trip to New York City. Denise has been wanting to go and things worked out that we were able to do a quick weekday trip and catch the city a week before Christmas. It was all booked and minus a few hiccups at the airport we had a great time while in city. We stayed in the lower east side. It was a great area and the trip was just awesome. Eating great food and taking in all the culture of the city really makes you understand how one can fall in love with that city. You get a real sense of what our country is all about in a city full of people from all around the world who call themsevles Americans. I really look forward to going back.


















2015 went by faster than most but in a good way for me. I hope to document more in 2016 but I also hope to be as busy as I was in 2015. I will make an effort to take more photos but I will also make a real effort to get my short film made. Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

Game I worked on this year!

Bonus photos














Places and things














Our family


















Year in Review 2014

2014 was a year with new challenges and experiences. After Terminal Reality shut it’s doors at the end of 2013 it left lots of questions for me and Denise. It was also a time to think about change and adjustment. This year taught me a lot about myself and the people around me. There was a shift in many things in my life but in the end some were needed and some will be missed. Although I did not work towards shipping any games this year for the first time in many many years I started teaching how to ship games at The Guildhall at SMU and the experience of passing my knowledge of being in the gaming industry for so many years was a very fulfilling experience. I was able to travel more than years past thanks to some friends and having the time to do so with Denise as we have been wanting to do more of that. With less stress on me I was able to have a bit more of a clear mind for a few things I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t find the time like do more writing and work toward a short film. Meeting some people and having encouraging friends around me got me to write a script for short film which I hope to film in 2015. I got in better shape….until breaking my wrist in the summer which got me to lose traction on the fitness and was a big challenge. As an artist and not having use of my dominate hand for months was a tough deal. Having to fight the frustrations was very difficult but thanks to my family and Denise I came out strong, like the metal inside my arm now. As I miss my friends from Terminal Reality and other day to day operations of being at a game studio being a freelance artist from home was a change but a good one. Not saying I wouldn’t’ go back to a studio in the Dallas area someday it was a good feeling being able to accomplish a lot in various fields from photography, video editing, 3D modeling, writing, freelance video game work and teaching. It was a busy year but with a clearer mind it was a good year.

Yeah so I can be a bit of a workaholic but hey, if you love what you are doing then why wouldn’t put in the hours for what you love. Sometimes you’d like to roll a hard 20 but sometimes you roll a 7 but you have to keep rolling. You won’t get that 20 every time but the more you roll the better your chances than not rolling at all. So….let’s review 2014 with pictures


With a nice holiday ending 2013 Denise and family headed out to check out the Chinese Lantern Festival down at Fair Park in Dallas. It was something we had been wanting to see for sometime but never got around to it. It was really nice and wasn’t too cold that night but was really nice seeing all the lights and people. Such an amazing transformation of the downtown area made it feel like we were not in Texas for the night

chinese lantern festival 136

chinese lantern festival 151

chinese lantern festival 154

chinese lantern festival 161

chinese lantern festival 158

chinese lantern festival 142

Anther things I wish I could have made more time for in the past was more board gaming. A little while back I was able to back the Kickstarter for Chronicles of the Void which was a table top role playing game created by my friends Doug and Wedge. I was asked if I would take part of their game as they were getting ready to create more characters for the book and I had not played any table top games in a very long time. It was time to end that streak and it was cool to have a Friday night dedicated to stuff we did back in the day. Sadly we would not be able to finish an entire game but we were able to play for a almost two months. It was a blast every Friday night and I’m happy to have been apart of it. I would love to do it again

Chronicles of the Void RPG 176

Chronicles of the Void RPG 173

Chronicles of the Void RPG 171




The character I was playing in Chronicles of the Void was a human Javelin pilot and was a Migathon Elite. My character name was Ando Dosan. A human in a a mech type suit. In being excited to play and wanting to stay on top of my modeling skills I decided to create a 3D character version of my game character. With awesome timing my buddy Angel in Florida offered to print this model if I set it up. I didn’t have enough time to finish it in time before we finished our Friday night game and after moving on to other freelance projects. I want to come back to this guy this year and finish him up with maybe a paint job to go along with it.



Working from home at at the start of the year had the advantages of exploring the city for lunch for when waiting for client feedback. On this day I wanted to do some sketches away from the home office so Denise and I headed out to Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas. In the past many people would say that Dallas has nothing to offer and it is bland. Well Dallas has been on a huge mission to make any thought of that a thing of the past. Dallas is becoming more and more vibrant and interesting every year. The park had been open for a year but we had not had a chance to head down to check it out. From free games to a reading station along with lots and lots of food trucks. The park is also set up for live music or viewing live events such as the World Cup games. Not far from there was the Truck Yard which is a place that houses lots of food trucks and a nice little hang out. I’ve been here since 1996 and I love it more every year.

Klyde Warren Park 1

Klyde Warren Park 4

Klyde Warren Park 8

Klyde Warren Park 7

Klyde Warren Park 13

Klyde Warren Park 14

Klyde Warren Park 18


I’ve mentioned this in posts past that I am a fan of 1310AM The Ticket. Every year they put on Ticketstock which is an event for their fans to come watch live broadcasts and other things you see. This year was the 20th anniversary of station being on the air so I figured I’ve give look. The Ticket is apart of my every day routine so you can say I’m a P1 as I’ve been listening since my days working at the print shop which made those days much better than listening to top 40 music. They were also a big inspiration for how I approached the Hijinks Ensue Podcast from back in the day.

Ticket Stock 2014 9

Ticket Stock 2014 17

Ticket Stock 2014 16

Ticket Stock 2014 33

Ticket Stock 2014 26

Ticket Stock 2014 32

Another event that is becoming a yearly trip is the ZestFest in Dallas. A place for small and some larger vendors to bring their hot sauces and spices for people to try and buy. As it comes right before the spring and a time to hit up the grill this has been a really fun event. With Denise studying her craft more and more every year this is a nice combo for us both.

Zest Fest 2014 4

Zest Fest 2014 8

Zest Fest 2014 7

Zest Fest 2014 6

Zest Fest 2014 9

Some fun shots with Mila in a winter photo shoot

Mila's Photoshoot 1

Mila's Photoshoot 12

Mila's Photoshoot 14

Mila's Photoshoot 25

Yet another advantage of having my own schedule I was able to help out friends when needed. My very good friends Greg and Stacie of Bean Pot Toiz were coming into town for some of the Dallas cons. The Dallas Sci-Fi Expo was in early February and I offered my hands to help set up their booth. This also allowed me access the next day to the show. The Dallas convention scene has exploded but in someway not in the best of ways. There was a bit of dilution from what I noticed and maybe we had too many shows this year but Expo was a good start even in the cold rainy weather. Good times with Greggo and Stacie




Sci-Fi Expo 6

Sci-Fi Expo 8

Sci-Fi Expo 12

Sci-Fi Expo 16

Sci-Fi Expo 20

Sci-Fi Expo 21

Sci-Fi Expo 23

Sci-Fi Expo 24

Sci-Fi Expo 26

Sci-Fi Expo 27

Sci-Fi Expo 28

Sci-Fi Expo 29

Sci-Fi Expo 31

Sci-Fi Expo 34

Sci-Fi Expo 38

Sci-Fi Expo 42

Sci-Fi Expo 46

Sci-Fi Expo 1

Many exciting and new adventures for not only Denise and I but for our close friends as well. This year we’d bring in a kick ass duke to take reins of the Flores name in our near future. We have been excited for Alex and Donna’s arrival of baby Zac. As tradition a baby shower was had with Jenna and Denise helping put it all together. Hosted at Blake and Jenna’s Denise made the outstanding food and Nikki made the amazing cake for the happy family. Of the many things I document with photos it is these types of images that I’m so happy to capture. We’ll look back with Zac in 16 years from now :-)

Baby Shower20

Baby Shower28

Baby Shower25

Baby Shower14

Baby Shower7

Baby Shower21

Baby Shower29

Baby Shower8

Baby Shower6

Baby Shower5

Baby Shower3

Baby Shower101

Baby Shower1

Baby Shower93

Baby Shower85

Baby Shower100

Baby Shower84

Baby Shower76

Baby Shower9

Baby Shower71

Baby Shower52

Baby Shower53

Baby Shower38

I am lucky to have so many talented people around me and in the Dallas area. As I mentioned the area is becoming more attractive with things like good food and the arts. ATAMA is a local art venue that started with vinyl toys but has grown to much more. One of the highlights of ATAMA is the frequent art shows showing off local artists. Jason Chalker is one of those artist. A many of many talents this one night in February showcased Jason and his FINK tribute art.

FINK! by Jason Chalker14

FINK! by Jason Chalker9

FINK! by Jason Chalker16

FINK! by Jason Chalker10

FINK! by Jason Chalker7

FINK! by Jason Chalker1

FINK! by Jason Chalker6

FINK! by Jason Chalker23

FINK! by Jason Chalker32

FINK! by Jason Chalker30

As mentioned there has been a large influx of conventions. My friends of Bean Pot Toiz would head up again to Dallas for another con but this time things didn’t go as well but any chance to see my friends will never have me complaining. I offered our home for a place for our friends to stay because we were walking distance to the convention with a walk across the street. The thing we did not expect was below teen temperatures and a really slow show in the vendor room. I love these conventions with the chance to meet new people and enjoy good company but this show just seems very thin. Some like this small group setting but for vendors this was not ideal. With the very cold weather it just made for a so so show. For the selfish side of me it was nice to offer our home to our friends and enjoy their company.





Dallas Comic & Pop Expo7

Dallas Comic & Pop Expo3

Dallas Comic & Pop Expo5

Dallas Comic & Pop Expo12

Documenting more of the year and family I spent an evening in early March at the Forney High School to see my brother at his annual percussion showcase. It was his last as assistant band director as the follow week he would take on the role of Director of Fine Arts for the Forney School District. A long road to this point in his career and I’ve been fortunate to see that happen near by in the Dallas area. My words can’t describe all the pride we as a family have for him. It was an emotional night for everyone but I was thankful to be able to be there and watch this end and new beginning.



Over the years my photography turned from a hobby to service I can now offer with the confidence of giving people the types of images I would want from a photographer. My brother and I have taken on jobs together of shooting weddings or various events. I enjoy doing weddings because you get the knots in your stomach to have to perform and be on your game but also giving people live long memories of this special day. This was a fun shoot as the couple had a very small and fun wedding at a small church.












As home new home owners and with cooks in the family something we wanted to do this year was create a backyard garden. If you’ve been following my blog you know we did this in the past with movable pots and earth boxes but with this being our home we wanted to do it right. I drew out a sketch of how I would like the entire backyard to be but one thing at a time. We went with what we thought would be the most cost effective and we quickly learned that living in Richardson had lots of pluses. We marked out our backyard and got to work. We found someone in our neighborhood with some scrap wood we would use to build our raised beds for the garden. We got a good deal for mulch and bought bulk soil from a local vendor. We were happy with our results but we did start a bit late and didn’t get a full crop like we would have hoped for but we are happy we have it ready for next year.
















I love Texas but I cannot say I’m a huge fan of some of our weather especially during the tornado season. Only one year did tornados hit inside the Dallas city limits and ran through downtown Fort Worth. Now that we are home owners warnings and things have a different feel to them. These storms show how powerful and beautiful nature can be. It was a cool March evening with large clouds forming to the west I grabbed my camera with hopes of catching something before heading inside and getting everyone boxed up and into the closet for safety. Nothing but some major winds and rain on this night and luck for us most of the spring would be that way.

Explosions in the Sky41

Explosions in the Sky37

Explosions in the Sky23

Explosions in the Sky1



Another wedding happened this year and that was of our good friends Crane and Nick. I was asked to take their photos by Nick a month before the wedding and I was honored to be invited but even more honored to document the weekend. The wedding was going to take place on a ship in Galveston so we would spend the weekend in Galveston enjoying our time with friends. We left early morning Saturday and traveled for a afternoon boat tour seeing the bay. We followed that up with dinner and a night adventure to grab some pictures of the shore for Nick and Crane. The next day was the wedding and it was so unique and fun. I did not want to disappoint my friends and wanted to capture as much as I could but seeing how happy my friend were this day made it all that much easier. With friends around all of us it was a great day and left a lasting memory of how happy our friends will be for years to come

Nick and Crane's Wedding5

Nick and Crane's Wedding16

Nick and Crane's Wedding21

Nick and Crane's Wedding39

Nick and Crane's Wedding43

Nick and Crane's Wedding47

Nick and Crane's Wedding50

Nick and Crane's Wedding77

Nick and Crane's Wedding85

Nick and Crane's Wedding92

Nick and Crane's Wedding118

Nick and Crane's Wedding120

Nick and Crane's Wedding199

Nick and Crane's Wedding232

Nick and Crane's Wedding253

Nick and Crane's Wedding282

Nick and Crane's Wedding313

Nick and Crane's Wedding396

Nick and Crane's Wedding402

Nick and Crane's Wedding445

Nick and Crane's Wedding532

Nick and Crane's Wedding576

Nick and Crane's Wedding738

Nick and Crane's Wedding531

Bluebonnets are all over Texas after the spring storms feed them. The tradition of snapping photos of children in bluebonnets in Texas is as traditional as apple pie on Thanksgiving. As Coen gets bigger it becomes more of a challenge but a challenge I love doing. Watching him grow in photos is special for the Apigo family so I’m happy to do it. Although he made it tricky this year we got some good ones.

Coen's Spring Pictures 20141

Coen's Spring Pictures 201416

Coen's Spring Pictures 201426

Coen's Spring Pictures 20149

Coen's Spring Pictures 20145

Texas Frightmare Weekend is hands down top 3 things of the year for me. Sure cause of the horror movies but honestly it’s the passionate fans who love the films. Most are movie nerds but have a love of horror. What can I saw that I have not said years past. The biggest thing for me this year was meeting some of the folks after watching the short films this year. It was awesome to meet Jill Sixx Gevargizian and Jerry Pyle who had entries Friday night. I also got to see the film by Kurando Mitsutake. Talking with them all inspired me to write a short film about 48 hours after the convention ended. I pushed it out to a few folks for review but the who weekend got my brain juices firing on all pistons. The goal is to film next year so we’ll see but until then I’m gonna keep writing…

Doug Bradley (aka Pinhead) from Hellraiser movies

Texas Frightmare Weekend 20145

Texas Frightmare Weekend 20147

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201410

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201411

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201418

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201412

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201436

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201432

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201448

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201451

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201453

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201461

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201463

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201468

Texas Frightmare Weekend 201466

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Last year I was honored and happy to help my friend Rick Johnson last year with the start of their company and technology CastAR. I was also happy to have met Jerri Ellsworth and consider her a friend now. So when they asked me to join them at Maker Faire San Francisco I couldn’t say no. They were going to make their last big public viewing of CastAR before putting their heads down for some serious crunch time and getting their Kickstarter fulfillments sent out. This was the first time I had seen the tech in months and it was really far along. My job for the weekend was to demo and also to help manage the line. It was a huge line :-) When I was not working my shift I had some time to walk around and check out the sites of the fair. It was nice to meet the rest of the team and send some time back in San Fransisco. I also had the chance to have lunch with Justin Miller and catch up since he had moved to Cali to work on Call of Duty. Was a great time for the long weekend

Makers Faire San Francisco_253

Makers Faire San Francisco_4

Makers Faire San Francisco_5

Makers Faire San Francisco_11

Makers Faire San Francisco_23

Makers Faire San Francisco_48

Makers Faire San Francisco_67

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Makers Faire San Francisco_127

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One of my happiest moments this year was when Denise was promoted to Chef de Cuisine at The Sundown at The Granada. In a short amount of time she has done a lot and this is due to hard work and dedication to what she loves to do. She came home one day in May with her jacket and I was reminded why I married her.


Denise and I wanted to make a goal of doing a little more traveling if possible in 2014. We had a weekend free up in the summer and ran down to Austin to see our friends and my brother. It was a short trip but the goal was to eat food and come back. Our friend Daniy’s was kind enough to loan us her awesome room for the night as she was out of town. We eat at various places around Austin including a food truck yard and of course at my brother and sister-in-law’s new venture. We caught a baseball game and just had time to relax. Always good to visit Austin









I love to photography everything and fireworks is always fun. The 4th of July is always a good half way point for me since I don’t wear a watch or pay much attention to the calendar. I’m usually focused on work and the focus of those timelines. Big events like the 4th are good for me and remind me of how much I enjoy the summer with cooking outside, movie nights and friends

4th of July 2014_5

4th of July 2014_12

4th of July 2014_14

4th of July 2014_21

4th of July 2014_23

4th of July 2014_25

4th of July 2014_37

4th of July 2014_22

Over the summer my friend and old co-worker Bobby was having a birthday party at his place but he wanted to have a little something for everyone. He asked me to do a little photo booth set up for his Speakeasy Party. It was a lot of fun and we grabbed some great pics. Good to see old friends whom I had not seen in some time.

Bobby's Speakeasy_18

Bobby's Speakeasy_3

Bobby's Speakeasy_33

Bobby's Speakeasy_60

Bobby's Speakeasy_75

Bobby's Speakeasy_81

Bobby's Speakeasy_87

Bobby's Speakeasy_110

Bobby's Speakeasy_113

With a little more free time to move around my goal was to really explore and use my camera more often then years past. During the summer break at school I was looking forward to getting some time in to do lots of photo shoots and just exploring downtown and other areas in the Dallas area. Well on a warm August afternoon on my way to the gym on my bike while avoiding some traffic I had a pretty bad spill. Bad enough that I broke my wrist on the fall. First time I had broken a bone, well I guess breaking my tailbone counts which I did at 17, but this was a bit different. Luck for me it my old neighbor was not too far from the spill and got me home so I could and then the ER. For me this was a big turning point for the year because as a creative person who is right handed this was a huge problem. I could not do much, even reading a book and trying to get comfortable was a challenge. Eating and not able to exercise or sleep in a normal position was just making me go crazy. With my family and Denise with me the whole time they made this something I could overcome. I had surgery to have a metal plate put in my wrist and I quickly started to work on making it stronger than before. I would not let this get the better of me. During this time I also set up my computer for left handed use and decided to do some video editing to occupy some of my time since I could not draw or do much 3D work since it required more complex use of the mouse. I was worried at first but I made myself mentally tough and made the best of the situation. I know set off metal detectors at the airport but hey I have a cool scar now…





Earlier in the year my brother asked if I would be interested in going a trip with him to Washington state. The trip was to see the Dave Matthews Band play at the Gorge amphitheater. I spent my early years in Dallas learning how to play guitar by listening and learning from Dave Matthews songs sing they were heavy acoustic guitar so there has been a special place for them with me although I don’t listen to the most current stuff. My brother ended up making it a brother’s weekend trip. It would be the first time all 3 of us would be on a trip just having some brother time. It was just for the long Labor Day weekend but it was nice to get away and spend some time with my brothers. This is not something we have ever done. We’ve been a busy family and since finishing high school it was one thing and on to the next and between we’d keep busy with other things be it family, school, work and more work. It was so very cool for my youngest brother arrange all this to feel like a young kid again as we made summer vacation trips with our parents. We had a chance to visit the Flight Museum and then spent the rest of the time at the festival. It was in a part of Washington I have never seen. This area seem so strange to me as it is not what I imagine when I think Washington. The whole trip was fun and it was a highlight of the year…

Washington trip (40 of 407)


Washington trip (157 of 407)


Washington trip (221 of 407)

Washington trip (298 of 407)


Washington trip (322 of 407)

Washington trip (397 of 407)





Although I was working through my troubles with my wrist I was able to get enough strength to do some photo work. Chase Whale was someone I had followed on the fast world of the internets. I found his posts and movie reviews interesting and being internet friends lead us to meet in person. He asked if I could do some photo work for him at a screening of The Guest. It was a great event and being able to meet some of the cast was great. It was a fun night but the bonus was the movie was a lot of fun.

The Guest Dallas Screening-11

The Guest Dallas Screening-23

The Guest Dallas Screening-63

The Guest Dallas Screening-73

The Guest Dallas Screening-83

The Guest Dallas Screening-94

The Guest Dallas Screening-173

The Guest Dallas Screening-276

The Guest Dallas Screening-310

The Guest Dallas Screening-325

I always had a dream of owning a comic book shop when I was in my mid-20’s. I was a frequent visitor of the comic shop while at Gearbox but after the crash of 2008 I thought that comic shops would go the way of the dinosaur. Well they didn’t and have made a big come back with the help of table top board games. One new comic show in Dallas was A Galaxy called Dallas. It is run by James Pickering who has a touching story of his comic shop. I always support small business when I can and this one for sure will be on the list. I have to admit that I didn’t make it out much this year as the end of the year really picked up for me but I will more next year. You can read about his story here . They had a grand opening and I was able to swing by for a little bit. I got to play a game of X-wing Miniatures and see a few folks having fun. I with them long success

Galaxy Grand Opening

Galaxy Grand Opening-6

Galaxy Grand Opening-13

Galaxy Grand Opening-17

Galaxy Grand Opening-21

Galaxy Grand Opening-25

Galaxy Grand Opening-27

Galaxy Grand Opening-4

My older brother would retire from military service this year. He had served for over 20 years in the military and sadly the ceremony for him was unable to be put on by the Army. When my younger brother found out about this he emailed the Texas Rangers because they have a program honoring military men and women past and present. He got a response and they agreed to add him to the month of September’s list of military people being honored. With this he was given a lunch, a chance to see the player’s area, some money to use the day of the event and two tickets to Washington DC. He was unable to make the tire to DC but they did allow him to transfer the tickets to my dad and mom for the Memorial Day weekend. It is an awesome thing the Texas Rangers put on and I am thankful for my brother setting this up and the Texas Rangers for selecting him.

Jaime's Ranger game-29

Jaime's Ranger game-7

Jaime's Ranger game-35

Jaime's Ranger game-50

Jaime's Ranger game-54

Jaime's Ranger game-62

Jaime's Ranger game-67

Jaime's Ranger game-69

Jaime's Ranger game-99

Earlier in the year Southwest had a special on flights and looking over the list I had an idea. Denise and I had talked about doing a little traveling and one place Denise had not visited was New Orleans. On this sale with Southwest we could buy a ticket to travel the short hop to New Orleans and spend the day there with the goal of having breakfast, lunch and dinner. I really wanted to go to places that Denise could try the food and see the culture of the town. New Orleans also has lots of character and I had not been there since a teenager. We got up early and too the hop to the Big Easy. We ate lots of great food and had time to visit the D-Day museum which I’m glad we saw. Even though it was an emotional visit to the history of World War II veterans it was important to see and contribute to it’s cause. We ended the evening with dinner and jumped on our flight back home and slept in our own beds. It was a fun trip

New Orleans Day Trip-27

New Orleans Day Trip-28

New Orleans Day Trip-10

New Orleans Day Trip-7

New Orleans Day Trip-20

New Orleans Day Trip-40

New Orleans Day Trip-48

New Orleans Day Trip-69

New Orleans Day Trip-73

New Orleans Day Trip-75

New Orleans Day Trip-84

New Orleans Day Trip-109

New Orleans Day Trip-134

New Orleans Day Trip-139

New Orleans Day Trip-142

New Orleans Day Trip-149

New Orleans Day Trip-152

New Orleans Day Trip-161


New Orleans Day Trip-165

Our nephew is growing up fast. This year he turned 3 and had a Wreck-It Ralph birthday party. Nikki made an awesome cake and Denise made some tasty food. Coen’s gang was ready to have fun and lots of energy spent that day :-)

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-12

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-20

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-24

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-26

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-35

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-37

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-38

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-39

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-61

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-79

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-99

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-110

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-115

Coen's 3rd Birthday Party-58

I love October as it is my favorite month of the year. This year being as busy towards the end as Denise and I were we got a late jump to our annual traditions. A new tradition that my good friends Alex and Donna asked me to help out with was a annual Halloween family picture with the new addition. The secret plan was to set up a photo shoot in outfit. The challenge…the little guy playing along. The mission was a success. I had a lot of fun doing this and looking forward to helping out with this as often as possible.

The Flores Family-17

The Flores Family-27

The Flores Family-24

The Flores Family-59

The Flores Family-64

The Flores Family-71

The Flores Family-97

The Flores Family-112

The Flores Family-127

The Final Edit was done by Alex himself and it came out solid

flores final

This year I turned 38 and part of this blog is to show in picture my life as it is seen through a camera lens. I had not planned on doing much for my birthday and wanted to keep thing quiet. Not for any reason other than being busy and trying to meet deadlines on jobs I was working on. We had a tradition of going out to the lake, any lake, and spending the weekend away from the house and with friends. This wasn’t the plan this year but Denise and her kind heart wanted to make sure a tradition wasn’t broken as she knows how much a creature of nature I am. With about two weeks out we were lucky that there was one cabin on the lake available to rent so what the hell why not. It is always fun to seen everyone, get a fire going and walking around the camp grounds as a mini stay-cation about 40 minutes from the house. I’m glad we did it. We enjoyed local beers, watching The Raid 2 and Point Break and some awesome and strange movie Josh brought. Next year we’ll do it up better

Birthday weekend cabin lake 2014-17

Birthday weekend cabin lake 2014-13



Birthday weekend cabin lake 2014-23

This year we wanted to have a Thanksgiving dinner at our home. It was the first time we would have a nice sit down type of meal like this in our house. It was just Denise and I and it was nice. For my birthday my awesome family bought me a Little Green Egg so I figured there was no better time to put it to use than Thanksgiving with smoked turkey. Denise made homemade everything else and I loved seeing her in her element making all this delicious food. I am looking forward to making lots of things in my green egg and working with Denise on making food in our home.




Thanksgiving 2014-2

Thanksgiving 2014-8

Thanksgiving 2014-10

Thanksgiving 2014-11

Thanksgiving 2014

December went fast and most of what Denise and I did was make tamales. Lots of work but much how a lot of our year went it was a good way to end it with lots of work. Doing it together was fun and we think we may have a tradition on our hands but we’ll see




….and that’s my year. I hope you enjoyed my adventures. I hope everyone had a year they could chalk up good memories in. Not every year can be “the best year” but you take the good and the bad and with a positive attitude you make memories. Memories last forever so make the effort to burn in as many as you can. I hope this inspires you that even some of the small things can make memories for you to take with you for years to come. I am thankful for my friends, family and most of all Denise. Thanks for reading… go make memories in 2015

……bonus pictures :-)

We went to the Alamo Drafthouse maybe like one or two times this year….


































Our garden…







Movie nights with friends…






Food and drink…
































My family….see ya in 2015


Far Far Away

Behind the word mountains. Far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.