Captured footage
Canon 5D Mark II
Captured audio
Zoom H4n
Final Cut Pro X

Short film entry – Time Ribbon

Tthis short film entry was for the Dallas 24 Hour Video Race in 2013. We had to create a film in 24 hours using a few elements given to us at midnight the evening of the contest. We forumlated a plan and then captured all the video and audio in one day. We did not however finish in the 24 hour time frame but were given an honorable mention as the judges did like our short. The elements we had to work in were:

  • Phonebook
  • Dallas’ “BG” letters placed around the city
  • Two locations
  • The quote”Ask not what your country can do for you…”
  • The theme of recycling

I came up with the overall theme, storyboarded the shot flow, directed the actors and directed improvisation dialog and helped edit the final cut. The final short was completed in about 38 hours.

Making of and outtakes